Who We Are


I am a metamorphologist. Through my roles and responsibilities as a pastor and marriage and family counselor for over 30 years I have studied, practiced, poked and prodded people toward healthier, more consistently fulfilling ways of doing life. I have been passionately obsessed with finding principles and practices by which we can experience and enjoy real freedom and lasting change in our personal journey and our relationships. I have been engaged in and thrilled by God’s multi-staged endeavor to get me where I am today.

My wife, Coleen, and I planted and pastored a church for 24 years. Over the last decade we have successfully transferred leadership of our church and have transitioned into the roles of consultant, life coach, counselor and trainer to leaders, their families and their organizations.

No one is more surprised than I am about the cool stuff I’m doing now. It is my privilege to work with individuals, families, leaders and organizations to facilitate growth and progress toward their goals and objectives. I continue to be awed and honored to watch God work in relentlessly amazing ways as people trust Him enough to open their lives and organizations to fresh eyes and ideas. I am convinced that truth is what sets us free. Therefore, “stuckness”, continuing to do things in a way that doesn’t produce the desired result, is always remedied by the injection and application of fresh perspective and insight. We would be honored to serve you!


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What We Do


Here’s some idea of how I typically serve other pastors, their teams, and their organizations. I bring a balanced mixture from my 30+ years as both a pastor and marriage and family counselor. I am currently doing some of the following:

COUNSELING or LIFE COACHING - I go to several churches on a regular basis to have appointments with their key leaders, as couples if possible. I also meet with other staff and leaders for the purpose of getting them and keeping them healthy. Most leaders do not have a safe, confidential place to process life's stuff. I'm honored to be that when needed.

CONSULTING - I do team development activities and training. This can be strategic and proactive or problem solving, such as conflict resolution. I love to help teams apply the wisdom from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, a book by Patrick Lencioni. From my years of counseling I am able to spot blockages and blind spots that are hindering teams from reaching their full potential.

EVENTS & TRAINING - I also do speaking and training events for church staffs and the entire congregation in areas that are unique and powerfully practical. Those areas include counseling, relationship health, marriage, parenting, men’s sexuality, learning to receive and rest in the Father’s love, among others.

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